Be Creative

You can create your own cards for learning and create whatever box of cards you need. Cards are consisting of a front side and a back side. Additionally you have an information side available which can be used for additional information.


Your cards are organized in boxes and therefore it is easy to manage a lot of learning cards for whatever you want to learn.


For even more complicated learning tasks you can even create your own courses where you combine multiple boxes.

Import Cards

To simplify the creation of new cards you can even important them from existing text files. Importing allows you to get a lot of cards from other learning applications and web sites as well.

Export your Cards

Export your cards as plain text and use it in other applications, create your own backup or just share it with others.

Desktop and Mobile

Learn on your desktop or your mobile device and you always get the perfect learning experience.

Easy to Use

Optimized usability for your learning experience. Use your touch device our keys to speed up learning.

Share your Cards

You can share your cards, boxes and courses with other to support others in their learning challenge.

Stay Motivated

Stay motivated by earning experience points and see how your learning progresses over time.

Let`s Go !